There are two ways of purchase: bringing the items to our shop, home service


  1. The offering price in the circular is only for reference.  Quotation is based on the condition and current second hand market price.
  2. Final offering price is only provided based on the actual items examined.  Quotation of pictures is only for reference.
  3. Eco Ring HK does not accept selling from customers below 18 years old.
  4. All the items sold by customers are not accepted for refund or return.  Please think twice before you sell.
  5. Eco Ring HK does not accept unauthenticated items and stolen items.
  6. Once the items are sold, Eco Ring HK have all the rights of handling the items including selling on our platforms by the price decided.
  7. All the ID copies are only for record and not pass not the third party for other purposes.
  8. If there is any disputes, Eco Ring HK reserve the rights to clarify the terms and to amend the terms without prior notice.
  9. Please refer to the notice in shop for other terms, if any.