Purchase in shop
Home Service
[NEW!!!] Purchase by courier [Members only]
Whatsapp/Wechat Quotation


- Purchase in shop -

Step1: Visit our shop
Bring the items to one of our purchase shops in business hours.
No appointment is needed.

Step2: Appraised and authenticated by appraiser
Appraisers check the condition etc. for authentication.
(Customer can send Whatsapp/Wechat for pre-quotation before visiting our shop to reduce waiting time.)

Step3: Explanation
After authentication, appraiser explain the quotation and reasons.
Quotation is free of charge. There is no any charges for turning down the offer.

Step4: Transaction completed
If customer is satisfied with the quotation, transaction is successful. Customer can choose to pay by cash or bank transfer.


- Home Service -

Step1: Call our Home Service hotline
Directly contact our home service hotline for making appointment 
or sending WhatsApp/WeChat for pre-quotation

Please contact the nearby store for appointment or enquiry:http://ecoringhk.com/store.php
(Phone/WhatsApp/WeChat available)


Step2: Visit your home

Appraiser visit at the time request.
Home, lobby, MTR station etc. are acceptable.


Step3: Appraise, authenticate and explanation

Appraiser do the authentication and provide quotation.
Customer can decide after receiving the quotation.


Step4: Transaction completed
Customer can choose to receive cash or bank transfer.


- [NEW!!!]Purchase by courier [Members only] -

Step1: Quotation

- Customers contact by phone or WhatsApp for content of items。

- Send us clear pictures of front, back, corners, hardware and inner of the items. We will provide a quotation range of offer price by the pictures.

- If customers accept the quotation range and confirm the terms and conditions. We will send a URL for completion of the application.

**Please note that the acceptable types and brands are different from purchase in shop or home service. Please contact our appraisers for more details.**


Step2: Delivery

- Customers need to fill in basic information: name registered as member in our record, contact mobile, pick up address, items contents and quantity. The application is sent out after confirming the terms and conditions.

Customers can choose either of the ways of delivery:

(A) We send out carton boxes (required 1 to 2 working days) and then customers pack the items. After that, contact us for arrangement of pick up

(B) Courier company provide carton boxes when pick up

We will provide a control number after received the application and arrange SF Express to pick up according to the provided date

**Please do not damage the carton boxes and reuse the tape


Step3: Reply

- After receiving the package, we will contact customer by WhatsApp and complete the appraising process within 1 to 2 working days.

- Please reply within 1 working day for the acceptance of the offer: sell/return/partial sell and partial return/dispose

If return or partial return is chosen, items will be sent to the pick up address within the same date or the next working day.

**Please make sure the return package can be received in the pick up address. We are not responsible for the risk or possible loss during the return delivery


Step4: Transaction completed

We will deposit by bank transfer. Customers please provide the deposit account details when accepting the offer.

**Bank account name should be the same as the registered name in our record



- Whatsapp/Wechat Free Quotation -