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  • Purchase
  • Q1: How do you quote price?

    Customers can bring the items to our shop or send pictures by whatsapp for the quotation.  Please note that an approximatted price range can be given for quotation by pictures and the final offering price is based on the items examined.  It is recommended that customers bring the items to shop for a fast and accurate quotation. We do not accept email for quotation at this moment.


    Q2: How long does it take for quotation usually?

    Appraiser will provide quotation for customers who bring the items to shop.  Items do not need to put in shop overnight.

    It may take longer time for quotation by WhatsApp.


    Q3: How do you arrange home service? Is there any district restrictions and service charges?

    Appointment is required for home service.

    Although there is no district restrictions, home service may not be able to provided due to contents of items or brands.  No service charges is required.


    Q4: What is the business hour of purchase shop?

    The business hour is from 10am to 7pm including Saturday and Sunday, close on the second Wednesday of each month.  Please refer to notice on homepage for special holidays.


    Q5: Is there only shop in HK Island?

    No, we have two shops in Tai Hang and Quarry Bay respectively and one shop in Tsim Sha Tsui.  We are going to open more purchase shops in the near future and please refer to the notice on homepage.


    Q6: Do I need to make an appointment for bringing items to your shop for sales?

    No, customers can come at their convenience.


    Q7: Is there any service charges for quotation?

    Quotation is free of charges.


    Q8: How is the offering price determined?

    Offering price is determined by the condition, style and current second hand market price.  Retail price is not one of the factors for consideration.

    Besides, there is no fix buy back percentage such as 70% for brand new items.  Quotated offering price depends on the current second hand market.


    Q9: Do I need to trade in when I sell bags to you?

    No, we still provide buying service even customers do not shop with us.


    Q10:Do I need to bring the package and receipt when I sell?  Do you accept items without warranty coverage?

     We accept items without package and receipts.  

     However, missing of some accessories such as card of Chanel bags, certificate or card of Rolex and Cartier watches will affect the quotation.

     Besides, we also accept watches and electronic products without warranty coverage but the offering price may be adjusted.


    Q11:What kinds of brands and items you buy or not buy?

    Please refer to the page of "Purchase Items".


    Q12:Do you only buy branded items?

    No, we also buy no brand items such as order made jewelry.

    Please note that price of some items may not be quoted one by one due to the condition, style, brands etc..  

    No brand bags and apparels are not quoted one by one  and price may be qouted with other items.


    Q13:Do you accept branded bags in a very poor condition?

    Yes, as long as they are branded, no matter what conditions.


    Q14:What kinds of brands of apparels do you buy?

    We buy any brands of apparels.

    The offering price is quoted for luxury brands by the condition, style, size, seasons and the current second hand market price.  Others may be quoted by textile materials.


    Q15:Is there any age restrictions for selling?

    We only buy from customers over 18 years old.  Please bring along with your HKID.


    Q16:What kinds of documents do you need when selling to you?

    Please bring along with your HKID and we do not accept driving license, copy of HKID or other documents for identification documents.  Buying service may not be able to provide if HKID cannot be shown.

  • Shopping
  • Q1: Are there any ways to shop with you?

    There are three channels of sales: wholesales, retails, Yahoo auction, Carousell and ebay.  Please refer to the "Shopping" page.


    Q2: Is there any retail shop?

    We do not have retail shop but customers can come and choose in our showroom by appointment.


    Q3: Do I need to buy for a certain amounts or numbers of items to enjoy wholesales price? 

    We have a manager responsible for wholesales and please refer to "Shopping" page.

  • Others
  • Q1: Any repair service is provided?

    Sorry that we do not provide repair service.


    Q2: Any consignment service is provided?

    Sorry that we do not provide consignment service.