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[Business hours return to normal] Our business hours will resume to normal from 10am to 7pm from 1 June 2020.

[NEW SERVICE!] Eco Ring new e-Shop (https://ecshop.ecoringhk.com) is launched on 24 Mar 2020!

[Special Notice 2 Feb 2020] To prvent the expansion of 2019-nCov, we adopt prevention measures starting from now. Please refer to the notice in "What's New" and the notice in shops.

[NEW SERVICE!] Due to the severe situation, we understand that customers prefer staying at home and prevent to sell in shops.  "Purchase by courier " is provided from today. Please refer to the Purchase Method and FAQ for more details.


Customers can choose their most suitable ways for sales/price enquiry 
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Eco Ring HK provides the following ways for customers to shop
You can buy your favorite items online or off line

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e-Shop (Launched on 24 March 2020)

HKD1 Bidding come back!



AP26300ST.OO.1110ST.07 Full Set Rank A
Offer Price: $90,000

Cartier Baignoire WB510831 4D Full Set Rank A
Offer Price: $74,000

Cartier-Santos-100-XL-1 Full Set Rank A
Offer Price: $20,000

CHANEL Cerf Rank A
Offer Price: $7,000

Cartier Love Bracelet Full Set Rank A
Offer Price: $16,000

Gucci Dionysus-GG Rank A
Offer Price: $5,000

LV Mirage speedy30 Rank AB
Offer Price: $3,000

Rolex Explorer II 216570 Random Full Set Rank A
Offer Price: $35,000


* Purchase results are only for reference.  Offer price depends on conditions and market price.